Torchlight II Release Date Finally Announced, Launches on September 20th

Action role-playing game Torchlight II is coming to PC on September 20th, Runic Games officially announced yesterday. The game is the sequel to Runic’s 2009 Torchlight and among other features it will include four new character classes (Engineer, Outlander, Berserker and Embermage) and the long-awaited multiplayer and modding capabilities. Originally, Torchlight II was intended to come out in 2011 (it was expected to launch before Diablo III,) but since then, the title has suffered multiple delays.

Runic has also stated that a demo version of the upcoming title will be available upon release. On the other hand, the full version of the game will be available as a digital download on Runic Games, Steam, Perfect World, GamersGate, GameFly and GameStop. While the original Torchlight received an Xbox 360 port, a console release of Torchlight II hasn’t been confirmed as of this writing.

Source: Torchlight II official website