Use Steam on Your TV, Steam’s Big Picture Beta Now Available

It’s no secret that a lot of Steam users have moved their hardware to the more comfortable living room. Gone are the days in which players were tied to their small-screen monitors. HDTVs are here to stay and they have definitely revolutionized the way in which we play our video games. As a way of taking advantage of this, Steam has officially released Big Picture in its Beta version and among other features it includes a really slick user interface, allows access to the entire catalog of Steam titles, introduces a first-person web browser (according to Valve this is the first of its class) and a Daisywheel that makes typing with a controller a surprisingly painless experience.

As someone who owns a lot of PC games but hates playing games on the PC, this is great news. Up to now though, playing games in the living room hasn’t been a pleasant experience. Thankfully, Valve has paid attention and they are presenting a completely new experience that allows users to play their games in much more graceful way. One of the greatest innovations of this free service is its refreshingly unique interface that allows the use of a game controller as well as a keyboard and a mouse.

What is your opinion about Big Picture? Do you consume your most of your entertainment in the living room? Or do you prefer to play games the old-fashioned way? Would you like me to write a guide that explains how to set up Steam’s Big Picture? Or would you be more interested in reading about how to set up a media center? As usual, share your opinions in the comment section of the site.

For more information about Steam’s Big Picture and its system requirements, visit the service’s official website.