Video Game Theater – Final Fantasy VII: The Movie Teaser

Final Fantasy VII: The Movie is a live-action teaser made in Italy by some fans of the seminal role-playing game. The short film features a faithful recreation of the Midgar church, which provides the short with a sense of authenticity really proper of fan-made productions. Some of the most beloved characters of Final Fantasy VII are also featured in one way or another (albeit most of them don’t show their faces,) and you’ll be able identify Aeris, Barret, Tifa and of course, Cloud.

Although the overall tone of the teaser seems to be quite dramatic, there’s an underlying tongue-in-cheekiness to it. For example, there’s a wanted poster with the chibi versions of some of the aforementioned characters. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily detract from the experience or anything like that (after all, Final Fantasy VII is well-known for having some really ridiculous moments,) but it’s something that caught my attention. While capturing the atmosphere of a title like Final Fantasy VII must be a really daunting task, this fan-made project has definitely succeeded in that endeavor.

For more information about the teaser, check out the teaser film’s Facebook page.