Will GameStop Start Selling Vintage Games?

GameStopAccording to a recent interview, GameStop is seriously considering selling vintage cartridges and disks. Allegedly, the video game retailer is thinking about creating an online website where users interested in classic titles can go to and get vintage cartridges and disks. The idea seems quite compelling, mainly because there is a market for those sort of games that are no longer available in regular retailers.

Currently, those interested in getting classic video games and video game systems have to go to niche websites, eBay, Amazon, pawn shops, or local retailers that specialize in selling vintage games. Of course, not everyone has the possibility of buying games on these places, so getting them through a GameStop website seems like a good idea.

What GameStop should definitely take into account is that people interested in classic titles are looking for products that are in mint condition, so I if this idea pans out, I hope GameStop don’t make any mistakes in this regard. For example, I have a couple of PlayStation 2 games sitting on my shelf with price tags that are impossible to remove. Not to mention broken boxes, missing manuals, missing covers and so on and so forth. My copy of “The Naked Brothers Band: The Video Game” is worth much less without the manual and I blame GameStop’s for that…

Source: Polygon