Apple Makes You Feel like a Sucker, iPad 4 Revealed

iPad 4

It’s common for companies to announce new iterations of hardware every once in a while, but it definitely gets to a point when the whole situation feels like a joke. Do you remember when Apple announced the iPad 3 on March 7th? Well, Apple has revealed the upcoming iPad 4 on October 23rd? And a lot of you are going to get it!

Not convinced yet? Let’s make a general description of the device just in case. The fourth-generation iPad has a ten-hour battery life, an A6 chip (which allegedly easily doubles the performance of the iPad 3) and it comes in black and white. Oh, and it has a shiny screen… Sold!

I understand Apple, I really do. But announcing a new device, when the last iteration was revealed seven months ago is too much. Of course, people will buy it and seven months from now we’ll find ourselves in pretty much the same situation. I guess my question is: if you upgrade to the latest iPad, do you get a kind of enjoyment that that the previous iteration didn’t really offer?

Since this is a website about video games, let’s extend this discussion and relate it to them. Sometimes when I go back to play older consoles, I find myself engrossed in games that were released decades ago (NES, Nintendo 64, PlayStation.) Personally, I simply don’t find that need to have the latest technological advancements.

Going back to Apple’s devices, I still use my iPod Nano 3rd Generation almost on a daily basis and even though I complain that it doesn’t have a camera, internet connectivity or the capability of running modern games, I can’t help but to wonder if I really need all those features.

What do you think? How much time is reasonable to announce a new iteration of the iPad? Is it necessary to have that latest iteration? What do you miss if you don’t have it? As usual, share ideas in the comment box below.