Capcom Announces Darkstalkers Resurrection for XBLA and PSN

Yesterday at the 2012 New York Comic-Con, Capcom announced that the Darkstalkers franchise is back. Unfortunately, the company isn’t working on Darkstalkers 4. Instead, they are planning to release Darkstalkers Resurrection, a bundle which compiles Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge and Darkstalkers 3.

The downloadable pack will be released in early 2013 on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network for 1200 Microsoft Points or $14.99 respectively. Additionally, this compilation will include a handful of new features, including online multiplayer (which uses GGPO for a lag-free experience,) YouTube replay sharing, Spectator mode, tutorials, challenges, high definition graphics, ping lock, unlockables and trophies/achievements.

Darkstalkers Resurrection is under development by Iron Galaxy Studios, who also worked on Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Online Edition and Marvel vs. Capcom Origins. In addition, previous compilations of Darkstakers games include Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Dark Tower for the PlayStation Portable (which I totally own a copy of and I’m planning to play soon) and Vampire: Darkstalkers Collection, a Japan-only release for the PlayStation 2.