GTA: San Andreas and Vice City Coming to the PlayStation 3?

GTA: San Andreas (CJ and Ryder)

Both Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Vice City have been rated for the PlayStation 3 which would suggest that both sandbox titles are coming to the PlayStation Network. The ESRB has published a new rating for San Andreas. Additionally, Vice City has been re-rated (the original rating took place in January 2012.)

As of this writing, Rockstar Games haven’t confirmed if the seminal open-world action titles are coming to Sony’s home console. It’s worth noting that GTA III has already been released as a PlayStation 2 Classic, so it would make sense to publish the PS2 trilogy in its entirety. In addition, Rockstar has recently announced that GTA: Vice City is going to come out for both iOS and Android devices as part of the game’s tenth anniversary.

It seems like Grand Theft Auto fans will be quite entertained until GTA V comes out.

Source: GameSpot