Minecraft Sold at Retail as a Pre-Paid Gift Card

Minecraft Gift CardMinecraft keeps selling and selling. In fact, it has recently been confirmed through Twitter that the Xbox Live Arcade version of Minecraft has recently sold more than 4 million copies. As a way of maintaining this trend, the PC version of the game can be purchased at certain retail stores.

Mojang announced that prepaid gift cards are being sold in Wal-Mart, Target and Best Buy stores. It’s worth noting that only United States stores are selling these cards as of right now. Additionally, the cards (which cost $26.95) include codes rather than a physical disc. Once you’ve purchased one of these gift cards, you can visit account.mojang.com to redeem your code using either a new or existing account.

Personally, I think this is a really smart move on Mojang’s part. A lot of kids and teenagers don’t have credit cards or PayPal accounts that they could use to buy a copy of Minecraft on the PC. A gift card makes the whole process a painless experience.

Although a proper announcement hasn’t been made as of this writing, expect this prepaid cards to hit other countries really soon.

Source: Minecraft