Rockstar Celebrates 10 Years of GTA: Vice City with iOS, Android Port

On October 29th, 2012 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City will be celebrating its 10th anniversary. As a way of commemorating this event, Rockstar will be re-releasing the free-roaming title on iOS and Android devices.

No release date has been confirmed as of this writing, but Rockstar has stated that the port (called “Anniversary Edition”) will be coming out sometime this fall. According to Rockstar, this version of the game will have high-resolution graphics and multiple enhancements unique to the iOS and Android platforms.

For those of you who are wondering how well the seminal sandbox game holds up, you can find my review for GTA: Vice City right here on the site.

It’s worth noting that GTA: Vice City is the third Rockstar game released on mobile platforms, following GTA III and Max Payne. If I had to guess though, I’m pretty sure everyone is waiting for San Andreas to go mobile. In case you’re wondering, GTA: San Andreas will turn ten on October 26th, 2014, so let’s look forward to that!