Sega Brings Fighting Vipers, Virtua Fighter 2 and Sonic the Fighters to XBLA and PSN

Sega has been teasing a collection for quite some time now, but fortunately, we didn’t have to wait long to see its content. The company revealed that they are bringing five titles which will be released as part of the “Model 2 Collection.” The games include Virtua Fighter 2, Fighting Vipers and Sonic the Fighters and they will be released on both Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

All these games will come out in Japan in 2012 for 800 Microsoft Points or 800 yen each. It’s worth noting that all the aforementioned titles will have online multiplayer features. Additionally, Sonic the Fighters will have Eggman and Metal Sonic as playable characters and for the first time ever, Honey the Cat will also be playable (right, because that’s what Sonic fans really want after all these years, Honey the Cat…)

Finally, Virtual Strikers and Cyber Troopers Virtual-On will also come out as part of this collection, but a release date hasn’t been announced yet. As of this writing, Sega hasn’t announced the collection for territories other than Japan.

Source: Sega