The Best Need for Speed: Most Wanted Trailer Is Not Even Official…

If you follow video game blogs, you have probably heard of American filmmaker and internet sensation Freddie Wong. In fact, some of his most popular videos have made an appearance on this very website several times. There’s a reason for that, not only is Wong witty and funny in his videos, but he also shows a level of consistency seldom seen in projects from “guys who maintain popular YouTube channels with videos that millions of people have watched.”

Wong’s latest fake trailer is based on the upcoming Need for Speed: Most Wanted and surprise, surprise it’s a really funny one. What else does this trailer have? Car chases, cars going through billboards, police cars, cars jumping in slow motion, R/C cars and more cars. Spoiler alert: the Camaro wins. The Camaro always wins!

Finally, for those of you who are interested in the process of creating this masterpiece, a behind the scenes features is available below.