Jetpack Joyride Released on PSN as a PlayStation Mini

To be completely honest, I was quite surprised to find that Jetpack Joyride was featured in multiple “Game of the Year” lists. A side-scrolling action game made for the iOS and Android platforms was one of the best titles of 2011? Apparently so, but it seems like now I’ll finally have a chance to play the title since Halfbrick’s Jetpack Joyride is now on the PlayStation Network.

While the iOS and Android versions of the game are free-to-play, the PSN version costs $3.99. Additionally, you can get the latter on various Sony platforms since Jetpack Joyride is part of the Minis program which means that can be played on the PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3. Jetpack Joyride on PSN represents the latest version of the game (1.3 update) which features extra challenges, gadgets and unlockable jetpacks and outfits.

Source: PlayStation Blog