Marvelous AQL Wants to Know If You Would Like to Play Half-Minute Hero 2

Half-Minute Hero (Front)

Japan got two Half-Minute Hero games. America only got the first one. Aren’t you jealous that the second Half-Minute Hero hasn’t been localized yet? Thankfully, this situation may change soon since Marvelous AQL is asking Western fans to fill out a survey in order to gauge fans’ interest in the aforementioned sequel.

The survey couldn’t be simpler. The question is: Would you buy Half-Minute Hero 2 (Yūsha 30 Second) if released in the West? And you can answer: Yes, Maybe… or No.

A few weeks ago, Half-Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy came out on Steam. I got a copy of the game for the purposes of review, so stay tuned for that.