Minecraft 1.5 Redstone Update to Launch January 2013

Minecraft Livestock

The PC version of Minecraft will receive the 1.5 update, titled Redstone Update, in January 2013 and as its name suggests, it focuses on the redstone ore. This past weekend, a few members of the Mojang studio revealed some of the features of the upcoming version of the sandbox indie title and interestingly, it’ll focus around one particular theme: redstone. The ore will get variable signal and strenght and a new capacitor block will be introduced. Mixing these two items creates weighed pressure plates and pressure-sensitive rails.

Additionally, the Redstone Update features improved minecarts, a special track to unload livestock, new systems for filling or emptying chests and the ability to link carts together. Among many other additions, there will be a daylight detector, fireworks for New Year’s Eve and a new Nether ore. Several bugs and glitches will be fixed as well, including the south/east rule. Apparently, this particular glitch caused some objects to gather in the southeast quadrant of an area.

The Redstone Update is the first in a series of updates that will focus on one particular theme or feature. Mojang will be releasing one of these every two months.

Source: GameSpot, Joystiq