Rise of the Triad Reboot Gets Developer Diary

How do you make a traditional first-person shooter in 2012? Take into account that this question comes from somebody who absolutely adores the genre. Sadly, there aren’t many developers who have the ability to do such a daunting task. Doom 4 won’t be a traditional shooter and God knows which team will end up developing Quake 5, so scratch id Software from the list. Duke Nukem forever was… scratch Gearbox from the list. The upcoming Rise of the Triad reboot is in the hands of Interceptor Entertainment. Will this be the team to pull it off?

As a way of shedding more light on this process of rebooting a cult classic, Interceptor has recently released a developer diary in which the members of the team discuss what remaking Rise of the Triad actually implies.

Rise of the Triad is expected to come out sometime in early 2013 on Steam. The Unreal Engine 3-based title will allow players to work on mods thanks to Steamworks.