Syberia III In Development, Coming to Consoles, PC in 2014-2015

Syberia III

For those unfamiliar, Syberia is a cult-classic point-and-click adventure series developed by a company called Microid. Now French Publisher Anuman Interactive has officially announced that a third entry in the franchise is being developed as you read these lines. It’s worth mentioning that Benoit Sokal, the man who wrote the scripts of the first two Syberia games, will be in charge of writing the script of the third iteration as well. Syberia III is scheduled for 2014-2015 for multiplatform release.

Syberia puts you in the shoes of American lawyer Kate Walker as she travels to different places and attempts to solve some mysteries. The original Syberia was quite well received when it came out for the PC for revitalizing the graphic adventure genre. The title was later on ported to multiple platforms, including the PlayStation 2, Xbox, Windows Mobile, iOS and Nintendo DS. The PC version of Syberia II was released in 2004 and it was lauded by critics for improving some aspects of the first title, such as featuring more realistic character animations. Syberia II came out for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and Windows Mobile.

Finally, while most fans will be disappointed to hear that they will have to wait a few years to play as Kate Walker again, this will give me (and many others who missed these titles back in the day) the chance to catch up with the series.

Source: Siliconera, Facebook