This Minecraft Cathedral Has More than 2 Million Blocks

One of the very first Minecraft videos I’ve ever watched taught me how to build a TIE Fighter. I never ended up actually doing it, but I remember that that was the first video that sold me on the sandbox game. Soon enough, Minecraft fans started recreating entire cities (such as Midgar or the Fez village) and from then on, not a lot of Minecraft videos have been able to impress me. Until this one showed up…

Someone went ahead and created an epic cathedral made out of 2,082,348 blocks (and let me tell you, that’s a lot of blocks!) It took GNRFrancis over a year to complete this project which, by the way, has a fully-decorated interior. Would you like to see it for yourself? Thankfully, this impressive cathedral is available for download.

Source: Kotaku