True Evil Never Dies, Doom 3 Vanilla Edition Back on Steam

Doom 3 - True Evil Never Dies

A few weeks ago when Doom 3: BFG Edition came out, both the vanilla version of the game and the $100 id pack were conspicuously removed from Steam. As a consequence, those looking forward to play the regular version of Doom 3 were forced to find a physical copy. Thankfully, id Software has listened to their fans and the old version of Doom 3 is available on Gabe Newell’s digital distribution service again.

It’s worth noting that while Doom 3: BFG Edition is available for $29.99, the regular version of Doom 3 is available for $9.99. Not only is the latter a much cheaper title, but also supports modifications. On the other hand, BFG Edition is expected to receive mod support via an upcoming patch.

Source: GiantBomb