Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition Now Available for iPad

Baldur's Gate (Dragon Screenshot)

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, also known as one of the best Dungeons & Dragons games ever made, is now available on the App Store. PC users have been playing this old-school title for a few days, but now the remastered role-playing game is also available on iTunes for $9.99. It’s worth noting that this version only supports iOS 6 right now, but it has been confirmed that iOS 5.1 will be supported as well.

Although the recently released iOS version is cheaper than the PC version ($10 cheaper to be more precise,) the former eschews content that can be bought separately as in-apps. As of this writing, the Mac and Android versions are yet to come out and proper release dates haven’t been provided. Finally, the game’s multiplayer is still in beta, but it’s worth noting that it’ll be cross-platform when it’s officially out.

Source: App Store