Buy Every SNES Game Released in the US for $25.000

SNES Complete Collection

I never owned a Super Nintendo, but that may change thanks to a little auction site called eBay. eBay has lots of SNES collections, but there’s one in particular that caught my attention. One that’s offering more than 700 games. According to the description, the collection features all 721 SNES titles released in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Unfortunately, the asking price is $24.999 and I don’t think I have $25.000 to spare at the moment.

In addition to the games, the lucky bastard who buys this collection will get every single box ever released, 605 game manuals (which represent 85% of all manuals,) advertisement cards, posters and more. For more information about the collection check out the eBay listing. In the meantime, I’ll keep going to the local Swap Meet or random garage sales…

Source: eBay, Kotaku