Fable II Removed from Xbox Live and Xbox.com (Updated)

Fable 2 (Xbox 360)

Update: Fable II is back on Xbox Live, Microsoft has confirmed.

Some people have been reporting that the downloadable version of Fable II has disappeared from Xbox Live. Since them, some sites have confirmed that the beloved role-playing game has simply vanished from both the Games on Demand section of Xbox Live and Xbox.com.

Furthermore, those people who own the game stated that even though they can see the title on their download history, trying to re-download the game results in an error screen. Thankfully, those who own the game and have a digital copy in their hard drive or flash drive can play it with no problems.

Interestingly, Fable II’s See the Future expansions, trailers and avatars are still available for download, so hopefully, the game will be back on the service soon. As of this writing, both the original Fable and Fable III remain available on Xbox Live.

Source: GameSpot