Fan-Made Remake of Pokémon Gold and Silver Features 3D Graphics and First-Person Perspective

If there’s something that fans of the Pokémon series have demanded all these years is a Pokémon title that incorporates 3D visuals. Many still oppose to the classic 2D top-down perspective so characteristic of the series and they would like to explore the sprawling environments of the role-playing game series in glorious 3D. Surprisingly, an indie remake of Pokémon Gold and Silver offers that and much more.

Pokémon 3D is an independent project created by a German man called Nils Drescher who updates the game on a regular basis. Although the music, characters, and battle system remain pretty much unchanged, the three-dimensional visuals look stunning. What’s the best feature of this remake so far? It supports multiplayer! You can download the game right now and experience Pokémon in a completely new way.

Source: Kotaku