Final Fantasy IV Coming to iOS on December 20th, Android Version to Be Released Next Year

Final Fantasy IV (iOS and Android)

Square Enix set out to release all of the classic Final Fantasy games on iOS and Android and up to now, they have been doing an exceptional job, since Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy III have all been released on the App Store. Recently, it has been revealed that Square Enix is planning to release Final Fantasy IV on both platforms as well.

The iOS version will be released on September 20th and the Android version will be available in spring 2013. Both versions will have a price tag of $19.99. It’s worth pointing out that the game will be based on the Nintendo DS remake, therefore, it’ll feature 3D visuals, touchscreen-friendly controls and some easier difficulty levels.

Finally, to celebrate the release of the fourth iteration of the seminal role-playing game series, Square Enix announced a limited-time sale on iTunes. Check the discounts below:

Source: Pocket Gamer