Humble Indie Bundle 7 Features Indie Game: the Movie, Shank 2, Snapshop and Closure, Among Others

Humble Indie Bundle 7 is now live, featuring some terrific indie games for as much as you’re willing to pay. The standard bundle includes: Closure, Indie Game: The Movie, Shank 2, Snapshot and The Binding of Isaac which also comes with the Wrath of the Lamb downloadable content. In addition to these games, those who pay above the average (currently $6.38) will get Dungeon Defenders with its DLC and Legend of Grimrock.

As usual, the titles are DRM-free and compatible with multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Soon enough, more titles will be made available to those who beat the average price, so be patient. While you’re at it, go ahead and read my review of Indie Game: The Movie.

Source: Humble Indie Bundle