Mega Man 1-6 Coming to 3DS, Street Fighter X Mega Man Out Now

Mega Man 1-6 (Nintendo 3DS)

Capcom announced that it’s planning to release all six Mega Man NES titles on the Nintendo 3DS in North America and Europe. The first title to be released will be Mega Man on December 27th and it’ll be followed by Mega Man 2 on February 7th. The rest of the games will be released throughout 2013 and those who are patient enough will soon have a complete collection on one platform.

But that’s not all, Street Fighter X Mega Man (which you may remember as the recently announced fan crossover game created by Seow Zong Hui) is available for download. The 8-bit PC game is available for free and you can get it through Capcom’s site. Interestingly, some have been reporting that the site has been unresponsive for a while, showing what may happen when you don’t release a Mega Man game for a while… right Capcom?

Happy 25th anniversary Mega Man!

Source: Capcom Unity, Capcom