Minecraft: Pocket Edition Hits 5 Million Downloads


Despite not being as fully-featured as all the other versions of Minecraft, Pocket Edition has hit the five million download mark, Mojang’s Johan Bernhardsson revealed on Twitter. On the other hand, the PC and Mac version has sold around 8.3 million copies and the Xbox Live Arcade version around 4.48 million copies. In total, the Minecraft franchise has sold 17.5 million copies. Quite impressive for an indie title that became popular through word of mouth…

The Pocket Edition is currently available for Xperia Play, Android and iOS devices and it lacks certain features when compared to the XBLA and PC versions. The most prominent one is probably the lack of online multiplayer, since Pocket Edition only allows users to play together across a local wireless network. Thankfully, the development team is working on this particular aspect of the game and even though the upcoming update (0.5.1) will focus on some general fixes, a future update is supposed to bring proper online multiplayer to Pocket Edition.