NeoGeo X Gold Handheld Coming Out December 18th

Do you remember the NeoGeo X Gold? The handheld NeoGeo console that comes loaded with 20 classic titles? Well, for those who not only remember it, but would also like to get one, you’d be glad to hear that the $200 portable system is coming out on December 18th in North America. To promote the upcoming system, SNK and Tommo released a teaser trailer which is embedded on top.

It has been confirmed that additional NeoGeo Game Carts will be available later on, but the way in which these will be distributed hasn’t been detailed yet. Finally, here’s a list with all the items that are going to be included in the NeoGeo X Gold box when it comes out next week:

NEOGEO X Handheld x1
NEOGEO X Station x1
NEOGEO X Arcade Stick x1
NEOGEO X Game Card – Ninja Masters x1
Power Supply x1
HDMI Cable x1
A/V Out Cable x1
Quick Start Guide x1

Source: Siliconera