Nintendo Power’s Final Issue Goes Back to the Magazine’s Roots

Nintendo Power (Last Issue-First Issue Comparison)

The final issue of Nintendo Power will hit newsstands a few days from now (on December 11th to be more precise.) Nevertheless, you won’t have to wait that long to see the magazine’s latest cover. A few days ago, an image showing the final cover of Nintendo Power leaked and as you can see, it’s an homage to the publication’s humble beginnings. Above, there’s a comparison between the final issue and the first one (via Kotaku.)

For the uninitiated, Nintendo Power has been around since 1988 and the first issue became famous for featuring a clay-themed Super Mario Bros. 2 cover. Likewise, the latest issue of the magazine features a 20-page New Super Mario Bros. U story and a clay scene inspired by that game.

It was announced this August that Nintendo Power was going to cease publication after 24 years. Since then, PSM3, Xbox World, PlayStation: The Official Magazine and GamePro have all announced their plans to shut down. Sadly, this is definitely not the best year for print magazines…