Pier Solar HD Fully Funded, Stretch Goals Include Wii U Version

Pier Solar HD (Kickstarter Stretch Goals)

The high-definition version of Sega Genesis’ Pier Solar and the Great Architects is a reality, since the retro-style role-playing game has achieved its Kickstarter funding goal of $139,000. Basically, this amount of money has secured the PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox 360 and Dreamcast (yes! Dreamcast) versions of the game. But since the Kickstarter project has been so successful, Watermelon Co. has revealed a handful of stretch goals, some of which have already been funded.

These stretch goals include a Japanese translation on every platform, Dreamcast extras (which include a 16:9 presentation, VMU integration and VGA compatibility) Director’s Cut (new sidequests, multiplayer minigames and new battle features) and Android and Ouya versions. Fortunately, all of the aforementioned goals have been funded! Additionally, if the project reaches $200,000, Pier Solar HD will be released on the Wii U.

As of this writing, the project has accrued $191,959 and it has 48 hours to go. Do you think this will happen? Before answering that question think that this is the development team that managed to release a Sega Genesis game in 2010.

Source: Kickstarter