PlayStation 2 Ceasing Shipping in Japan Marks the End of an Era

PlayStation 2 (Sony)

The PlayStation 2 came out on March 4th 2000 in Japan. That’s almost 13 years ago and even though most people have made fun of the console’s overly long life cycle, it seems like the console will finally cease to exist, since Sony has confirmed that they won’t release any more PlayStation 2s in Japan. The company has just released the last batch of PS2s, so once those sell out, that’s it!

As of this writing, the console has sold 155.1 million units and Sony has stated that there are more than 10,000 different titles available for the system. Having sold that many units, the PlayStation 2 is currently the best-selling home console of all time and the closest console to sell as many units is the Nintendo DS with 152.50 million. Interestingly, the last PlayStation 2 game will come out in Japan a few months from now, so look forward to that.

As someone who still plays and reviews games on the system on a regular basis, this definitely makes me a little bit sad. But taking into account that my PlayStation 2 works as well as the day I got it, I’m thrilled to know that I’ll still be able to continue using it for years to come. In other words, you’ll see more reviews of PlayStation 2 titles on this site and I couldn’t be more proud of that.