Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Coming to iOS as a Free Download

Ever since Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy came out for the 3DS I’ve been hearing people say that it would work very well on smartphones and tablets. Well, you got it. The rhythm title is now available for iOS devices as a free download with paid song downloads. That means that the application itself is free of charge, but the songs and characters will be paid downloads.

It’s worth pointing out that the App is only available on New Zealand as of this writing, but it’s expected to hit other regions very soon. While you wait for the game to come out in your country, watch the official launch trailer embedded on top.

Additionally, the iOS version of Theatrhythm features a new quest Medley Mode. In this Mode, the rewards and difficulties from the different songs change each time you play. Square Enix also included a mode in which players can compose their own music and share them with other players. Finally, there’s Twitter integration because everyone seems to like that.

Source: Siliconera