Tomba! and Tomba 2! Out on European PSN, Tomba 2! Might Be Coming to North America

Tomba (Title Screen)

Tomba! and Tomba 2! are out as PlayStation Classics in Europe. Although the titles ran into issues related to emulation, they are now available for the PlayStation 3, Vita and PSP consoles. It’s also worth mentioning that SCEA is discussing the possibility of bringing Tomba 2! to North America.

For the uninitiated, Tomba! was critically acclaimed when it came out and even though the platformer failed to meet commercial success, it still received a direct sequel. Shortly afterwards, developer Whoopee Camp went out of business and both Tomba! And Tomba 2! became two of the rarest PlayStation titles. Fortunately, playing them has become much easier thanks to the PSN service.

Here’s a trailer for Tomba!:

Source: Joystiq