Feeling Nostalgic for 2012? Here Are the Best Gaming-Related Moments

Some of the most popular video game blogs and websites have posted articles about the best titles that came out during the past twelve months. Content like that can make you feel nostalgic for 2012 and the video embedded on top (courtesy of GameSpot) will have a similar effect.

I haven’t played every single game in this compilation video and I’m pretty sure you haven’t either, but watching people play Call of Duty: Black Ops II, FIFA 13 or Journey evokes a lot of memories. Still, what I enjoyed the most about “A Life of a Gamer” is that it includes footage from real-life events such as Obama’s reelection, the Stratos jump or Manchester City’s winning goal. Without a doubt, 2012 was a good year. A good year indeed.

Source: GameSpot