Fez Coming to Platforms Other than Xbox 360

Fez (Xbox Live Arcade)

“Fez will be ported to other platforms,” Phil Fish confirmed on a recent blog post. The plans to release the title on additional platforms comes as no surprise, especially if we take into account the issues the developer had with Xbox Live Arcade. The post suggests that the independent platformer is coming to platforms with friendlier policies, so I’m guessing PC (via Steam,) iOS and PlayStation Network.

The patch debacle has been a huge factor for this decision. For those unfamiliar, Fez was released with some technical issues, so Polytron released a patch that was supposed to repair all the glitches, bugs and crashes. Although the update fixed those, it also corrupted save files and prevented some players from accessing the game. A new patch was supposed to come out, but since Microsoft charges a large amount of money to publish new patches, that never happened.

Hopefully, the game will end up coming out on Steam soon enough and I won’t feel bad anymore for waiting this long to play one of the best independent titles of the past few years.

Source: Polytron