Final Fantasy: All the Bravest Comes to iOS Tomorrow

Final Fantasy: All the Bravest (iOS)

A few days ago, Square Enix set up a teaser site for a game that will be announced tomorrow. Fans had multiple theories, but the most convincing one suggested that the iOS title in question was a new game that borrowed elements from other Final Fantasy games. Those fans were totally right… Since it’s already January 17th in New Zeland, Square Enix revealed that the game they were teasing was in fact Final Fantasy: All the Bravest for iOS.

The iTunes preview page explains that this RPG uses the Active Time Battle system. Additionally, All the Bravest includes, characters, enemies and music from classic Final Fantasy games, leaderboards and social network features and an in-game shop where additional characters and worlds can be bought.

Final Fantasy: All the Bravest is available for $4.19, so you can expect a similar price when it hits iTunes in your region.