Final Fantasy All the Bravest Now on North American App Store, Features Detailed

A few days ago, Square Enix confirmed a combat-focused RPG based on the Final Fantasy series. The title in question is called Final Fantasy All the Bravest and surprisingly, it features a chaotic combat system that looks really fun. Although the mobile title debuted on the New Zealand App Store, it’s now available in every region.

All the Bravest uses the classic Active Time Battle, but with an appealing twist. The main party is composed of multiple characters (as many as 40) which can attack in a quick succession. As in most mobile titles of this kind, the actions are controlled by dragging and tapping, but the battles can become pretty hectic. Another addition is called “Fever,” an event that takes place every three hours, allowing you to attack without waiting for the ATB bars to fill.

Final Fantasy All the Bravest features 20 unlockable characters and additional Premium characters can be obtained in the in-game shop for $0.99 each. Unfortunately, Square Enix decided that it would be a great idea if this system was random, so it’ll probably take you a couple of bucks to get a very specific character, such as Cloud. Other stages based on Final Fantasy VII, X and XIII are available for $3.99. Finally, the game includes 30 songs from the series and online leaderboards and social network features.

Final Fantasy All the Bravest is now available in the North American App Store for $3.99.

Source: App Store, Joystiq