Halo 2’s PC Multiplayer Going Offline on February 15th

Halo 2 (PC)

Say what you will about Halo 2’s single-player campaign, but the game’s multiplayer was groundbreaking to say the least. Sadly, Halo 2 PC multiplayer will be shut down on February 15th, 343 Industries has confirmed in a recent blog post. Apparently, the critically acclaimed first-person shooter is played by a short number of people (online population has been peaking at around 20 players according to the blog post,) which led to the decision of turning off the servers once and for all.

The last time something similar happened was when Microsoft decided to stop supporting the original Xbox Live. As a result, around 12 people refused to log off and were able to stay online long past the deadline. The game of their choice to perform such a legendary endeavor? Halo 2.

Naturally, the game can still be played via LAN and the single-player campaign will still be there, but its multiplayer was one of the main reasons why Halo 2 was such a resounding success. In my opinion, the closing sentence of the aforementioned blog post is very fitting: “We love you, Halo 2 PC, and you will live forever in our hearts.”