Nintendo Bringing Earthbound to Japan’s Virtual Console for 30 Yen

Earthbound (SNES)

Will I ever have the chance to play Earthbound? Although Earthbound (known as Mother 2: Gyiyg’s Counterattack in Japan) is the only title in the Mother series that has been released in a language that I can understand (English,) buying an original copy is prohibitively expensive. Japanese players don’t have that issue. In fact, they will soon be able to buy a digital copy of the game for a few cents.

Today, Nintendo announced that as a way of celebrating the Famicom’s 30th anniversary, the company will be releasing a few classic titles on the Virtual Console. It’s worth mentioning that the Japanese lineup is slightly different to the American. Instead of Punch Out Featuring Mr. Dream, for instance, the Japanese service will get Mother 2. The Super Famicom game will be available for 30 Yen (that’s 0.34 US dollars!)

To put that in perspective, take into account that a used copy of Earthbound costs around $109 on eBay. On the other hand, if you prefer to buy the version of the game that has the box and player’s guide, you’ll have to pay around $249. I guess I better start saving some money for either the English version of the game or for some Japanese lessons.

Here’s the list of Famicom games that Japan will be getting as part of the console’s 30th anniversary:

  • January – Balloon Fight
  • February – Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem
  • March – EarthBound
  • April – Kirby’s Adventure
  • May – Super Metroid
  • June – Yoshi
  • July – Donkey Kong

By the way, is this the project Shigesato Itoi’s was teasing a while ago?

Source: Siliconera