Original Alien Breed Coming to PS3 and Vita

Alien Breed (PS3, Vita)

Top-down shooter Alien Breed will be re-released on PSN in early February. British developer Team 17 (which most of you probably know for developing all the Worms titles) originally released Alien Breed for the Amiga back in 1991 and they are now planning to re-release it on PlayStation Network for both the PS3 and Vita.

The PSN version will support cross-platform multiplayer between both systems as well as regular local/ad-hoc and online co-op. Additionally, this version of Alien Breed will include new level packs, such as Convergence, Valiance and Synergy, as well as the possibility of playing with either original or improved visuals. Finally, there will also be online leaderboards.

The last time we heard something about Alien Breed was when Team 17 released the title on iOS devices as a universal app. An Android version is also expected to be announced soon.

Source: Joystiq