Siren Coming to PSN as a PlayStation 2 Classic

Siren (PS2 Classic)

I adore horror films, but for some reason I haven’t played that many horror games. I’ve always wanted to play titles such as Amnesia: The Dark Descent, The Blair Witch Project, Silent Hill and of course, the original Siren, but tracking down copies of discontinued titles always proves to be quite hard. Thankfully, playing the latter has just become easier, since Siren is coming to the PlayStation Network next Tuesday, January 15th.

For those of you who haven’t had the chance to play the classic PS2 horror game, former Executive Producer and Vice President of Japan’s Sony Studios Takafumi Fujisawa provides an insightful look at Siren on the PlayStation Blog:

We were on a mission to formulate a form of fear or horror that would resonate with an audience regardless of their cultural background, and to deliver that from a very intentionally Japanese perspective. Thorough studies sprung our inspirations, which then became our core for producing SIREN. No room for compromise, but plenty of room for the sense of playful creativity, we progressed to develop a Japanese Modern Horror that could reach out and be appreciated by the world,” Fujisawa says.

What about you? Are you a fun of horror games? Which games would you recommend to someone who hasn’t played that many horror titles? Feel free to share some ideas in the comments down below.

Source: PlayStation Blog