Street Fighter X Mega Man V2 Fixes Bugs, Adds New Challenger

I’ve already mentioned Street Fighter X Mega Man a couple of times and if the free title already sounded appealing, you’d be glad to know that an updated version is available. Fans have demanded some very specific core features that weren’t available in the original release (such as a save system) and not only has Capcom listened to their feedback, but the company has used those ideas to create a completely new version. Street Fighter X Mega Man 2.0, which fixes bug fixes and adds a new challenger, is available now.

To get this updated version of the 8-bit crossover you should visit Capcom Unity and hit the 2.0 button. Note that the soundtrack is also available for free.

Here’s the list of enhancements featured in Street Fighter X Mega Man Ver. 2:

  • Confirmation before exiting (ESC) or resetting (F12) the game
  • Password system
  • Improved controller support
  • The ability to take screenshots using F9
  • Buffed M. Bison
  • A new (hidden) challenger
  • Various glitches and bug fixes