This Fan-Made Trailer Highlights The Walking Dead’s Most Emotional Moments

The title of this article should be: “This Fan-Made Trailer Reminds Me Why I Should Play Telltale’s The Waking Dead ASAP,” but I haven’t even watched it yet. Rarely do I post trailers I haven’t watched, but this is a special one. The main reason why I’m sharing this alternative trailer is to remind myself that I need to play The Walking Dead as soon as I can.

I loved all the Telltale games I played so far (including Sam & Max, Back to the Future and Puzzle Agent,) but I haven’t had the chance to experience The Walking Dead yet. Seeing a Telltale game being nominated for so many Game of the Year awards was definitely something that I wasn’t expecting. Still, kudos to the independent developer for achieving such a resounding success.

Note that if you haven’t finished all the episodes of the adventure series, you shouldn’t watch this trailer since it’s filled with spoilers. You have been warned.