Velocity Becomes a Biggie, Velocity Ultra Coming to the PlayStation Vita

Velocity Ultra (PS Vita)

One of the most popular PlayStation Minis ever released will receive a fully-fledged upgrade. British developer Futurlab has confirmed that Velocity will become a proper Vita game called Velocity Ultra. It’s worth mentioning that the upgraded version of the critically-acclaimed shoot ’em up doesn’t have a release date as of this writing, but it’s expected to come out for the Vita in May 2013.

This improved version of Velocity will include extra content such as Trophies, online leaderboards, a new art style and additional visual effects. For more information about these new additions make sure you check out the PlayStation Blog where Managing Director of Futurlab, James Marsden provides a more technical explanation of the graphical overhaul.

While the visual difference between the original Velocity and the upcoming Ultra version is striking, I hope that Futurlab decides to make a sequel to Coconut Dodge. I wouldn’t mind watching John Steels “have another go.”

Source: PlayStation Blog