Brutal Legend Coming to PC Four Years After Original Release

Double Fine has confirmed that they will be self-publishing the 2009 action-adventure/real-time strategy game Brutal Legend on the PC. Brutal Legend is coming out on February 26th and the game can be pre-ordered on Steam. Those who pre-order the game will get 25% off its price and will have early access to the multiplayer beta, as well as two Team Fortress 2 items: Eddie Rigs’ hairstyle and his guitar Clementine.

The upcoming PC version features all the previously release downloadable content (Tears of the Hextadon and Hammer of the Infinite Fate.) Additionally, the visuals and performance have been improved.

For the uninitiated, Brutal Legend follows the story of Eddie Rigs, a rodie who is sent to a fantasy world based on heavy metal album covers. From a gameplay perspective, the game mixes elements from both the action-adventure and real-time strategy genres. Brutal Legend was really well received by critics for its voice acting and inspired world, but was heavily criticized for incorporating RTS elements which weren’t advertised prior to the game’s release.