Minecraft Now Available for the World’s Cheapest Computer

The Raspberry Pi is probably the world’s cheapest computer (the latest model is available for $35,) but despite its low price, the credit-card sized machine can run hardware-demanding games such as Quake III. A few days ago, it has been confirmed that the miniature PC can also run Minecraft. A recent post on the Raspberry Pi blog has the sandbox indie game (which is available for free,) as well as an explanation of how to set it up.

It’s worth pointing out that this particular version of Minecraft has been developed with the Raspberry Pi capabilities in mind, so it has some limitations. Nevertheless, if we take into account that this version of the extremely popular indie game is available for free, there’s not a lot to complain about. After all, setting it all up costs you exactly $35. Playing Minecraft has never been easier (or cheaper.)

Source: Mojang (via Kotaku)