ROM City Rampage Lets You Play Retro City Rampage as an 8-Bit Game

Today, Retro City Rampage will finally be available on WiiWare for 1000 Points ($9.99.) But that’s not all, since this version includes an 8-bit version of the game called ROM City Rampage. Originally, Retro City Rampage was going to be an NES title, but due to the hardware’s limitations Provinciano had to abandon the daunting project. After Retro City Rampage was released, the developer decided to make a genuine 8-bit experience.

In the video above, the developer explains the difficulties he came across while developing this prototype. Although some technical terms are used to explain the process, the video represents an insightful look into the development of the game.

ROM City Rampage is available on the WiiWare version of the game, as well as on the PC version. To celebrate the release of the ROM, the Steam version of the game will be available for half its usual price for a limited time.