System Shock 2 Now Available on, Coming to Steam

Cult classic first-person shooter/role playing game System Shock 2 is now available on GOG for $9.99 and will soon arrive to Steam as well. There are multiple reasons why System Shock 2 is fondly remembered: it’s been described as one of the most atmospheric titles ever made, it’s the spiritual predecessor to the Bioshock series and finally, it’s been really hard to find a copy of the 1999 PC classic. Thankfully, that last part is about to change.

The elusive classic is live on GOG and buying a digital copy on the digital distribution service grants you access to not only the game, but also its soundtrack (available in both MP3 and FLAC formats,) a radio interview with Ken Levine, concept art and HD wallpapers, among many other bonuses. The timing of the Steam release, on the other hand, hasn’t been detailed as of this writing.

System Shock 2 has been the most requested title on GOG (according to GOG’s Guillaume Rambourg over 34,000 users said that they wanted it on the service) and Rock Paper Shotgun has posted a lengthy piece that details the licensing process, so make sure you check out that article.