This Week on GOG: System Shock 2, RPGs 50% Off, New Pricing Model

If you follow this site or if GOG is one of your favorite digital distribution services, you probably know that cult classic System Shock 2 is now available on Good Old Games. That’s right, the most-requested title on the service has finally been updated to modern systems with no DRM.

Although that’s the biggest announcement this week, some new titles have been released on, including strategy RPG Zafehouse: Diaries and 3D strategy game Worms: Forts Under Siege. This week’s classic gem, on the other hand, is Sanitarium which is available for $3.99. In terms of promotions, this weekend is RPG Weekend and a couple of titles are 50% off.

Finally, GOG will try to incentivize users to buy some games known for being negatively received by cutting their price, so from now on, titles such as Empire Earth, Outcast, Broken Sword 4: The Angel of Death and Sherlock Holmes are much cheaper.