Twisted Metal and Twisted Metal: Black Coming to PSN This Week

Twisted Metal Black (PS2)

When PSN updates later today, it’ll receive a couple of PlayStation Classics, including Twisted Metal (PS1) and Twisted Metal Black (PS2.) It’s worth mentioning that the former will be compatible with both the PSP and PS3 and the latter will be available for the PS3.

Although the most popular title in the Twisted Metal series is probably the second installment, the original one was well received back in the day. Twisted Metal: Black, on the other hand, is fondly remembered for being multiplayer-oriented, so I’d like to know how well the game holds up considering that the Online version is obsolete.

Finally, Rebel Raiders: Operation Nighthawk will also be available as a PlayStation 2 Classic when the PlayStation store updates this Tuesday. Rebel Raiders is an action flight game that includes around 20 planes, each with its unique weapons.

Source: PlayStation Blog