Fez Coming to Steam on May 1st, Mac, Linux, Vita, OUYA and iOS Versions Also Planned

Fez (Xbox Live Arcade)

We all knew Fez was coming to Steam eventually. After all, rumors about the enigmatic puzzle platformer coming to platforms other than the Xbox 360 have been circulating even before the Xbox Live Arcade version was released. In fact, Phil Fish said this January that the game was definitely coming to other platforms. Now it’s official: Fez is coming to Steam on May 1st, the designer has announced. But that’s not all he had to say.

Recently, Fish hosted a Reddit AMA and he revealed that he’s planning Mac, Linux, Vita, OUYA and iOS versions of Fez. It’s worth pointing out that some of these versions have more chances of coming out than others, mainly because they are in different stages of development. According to Fish, the Mac and OUYA versions are definitely coming, but a Linux release is up in the air. Regarding the Vita version, Fish said that he has been working with Sony, so that’s very likely to pan out.

Patches will be easier on the Windows version of the game, so that’s always a plus…

Source: Joystiq